STYLE MOMENT: Work Ready Jewelry

{ GUEST BLOGGER } Sarah Murray of Fashion Capsule

Office wear can be a complicated thing. A quick glance around the cubicles and you’ll see skirt suits, jeans and sweaters, and dresses. The rules change from office to office and day to day. No matter where you work you can find jewellery from Brooklyn Designs that will make you look like you mean business while still being feminine.

The bank teller- She's got a serious job in a corporate environment and the expectation is for her to look the part in suits and jewellery that mean business like the Cece in blue Chalcedony earrings. When casual Friday comes along her suits switch to jeans and dressy tops and her studs turn into long earrings like the Ellison in Labradorite.  

The waitress- Head to toe black is the usual attire for a server so she has only one choice for showcasing her flair...jewellery. The more the better so layers of necklaces like the Wish in gold and the Bailey and Stevie in green Onyx. 

The fashion journalist- The reporter looks fashion forward when she's out at events. She's probably sporting the latest trend in a unique way and wearing rings like the Jaylin ring. But the rest of the time she is tucked in her home office click clacking away at the key board in sweats and accessories she could have slept in the night before like the Infinity Vermeil Studs and Costello ring

The teacher- Little girls like their teachers in pretty dresses but try running gym class in a pencil skirt and the sportswear trend becomes amazing. A funky sweatshirt, dress pants and fancy earrings like the Liz, makes everyone happy. 

Our guest blogger Sarah Murray is the agency director at Fashion Capsule, and the Fashion Arts Program Coordinator, and Recruitment and Industry Relations at VCC.
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