Celebrity Style: Rosary & Tusk Necklaces

We've had lots of fun with our Fall 2012 Collection and always try to stay on trend by designing modern but classic pieces. One current trend that we're loving are Tusk (otherwise known as Horn) Pendants. We designed a gorgeous long Tusk Charm Necklace for our Spring 2012 Collection and have recently introduced our Hammered Gold Tusk Necklace for Fall 2012. We've been seeing some of our favorite celebrities wearing their own Tusk Necklaces lately and two of our favorites are Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba. Gwyneth and Jessica have an incredible sense of style and always look amazing. 

Get the look with our Long Gold Tusk Necklace, Long Silver Tusk Necklace and our Hammered Gold Tusk Necklace

Another trend we're loving are Rosary Style Necklaces. These are classic pieces that always look stylish and are great for layering too. We recently saw actress Amber Heard wearing a simple Rosary Style Necklace and we have our own version that is a great look as well. We've incorporated a sparkling Pavé Crystal center bead and a gorgeous large Clear Swarovski Crystal Pendant with Sterling Silver chain to create this amazing and easy to wear necklace.
We're busy updating our site with all of our new designs, look for new pieces daily.

This post was first published in 2012.
We have updated the links on this post with our most up to date
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