Do you have a glamour girl on your gift giving list this year? We've selected 5 of our favourite gifts to give our glamour girls this year for the holidays and we might have to pick up a couple of these for ourselves too!

1. Talula Park Slope Vest $110: Aritzia
What glamour girl doesn't love faux fur? This gorgeous vest from Aritzia will not only keep her warm & toasty this Winter, but super fashionable too!

2. Fresita Strawberry Infused Sparkling Wine $16: Fresita
If you've ever tasted Fresita before, you'll know why we put this tasty beverage on our list! Made with strawberry infused sparkling Chilean wine, your glamour girl will love celebrating this holiday season with a bottle or 2 of Fresita. "Pop, Clink, Cheers!"

3. Estee Lauder High-Shine Gloss Collection $38.50: The Bay
Estee Lauder makes the perfect lipgloss. Shiny, the perfect amount of pigment & it's NOT sticky! Your glamour girl will get lots of use out of this lovely little collection of sparkly glosses.

4. Cece Green Onyx Stud Earrings $74: Brooklyn Designs 
Every glamour girl needs a great pair of stud earrings and our Cece studs fit the bill perfectly. Made with gorgeous faceted Green Onyx gemstones, these delightful studs will look amazing on your glamour girl.

5. beautyblender Sponges $24: Sephora
We all know glamour girls LOVE makeup, and what better gift to give than these cute little blending sponges by beautyblender?! Her holiday look will be flawless with these tiny sponges.

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