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Happy 2016!
I love the new year, it brings an opportunity to say goodbye to the past year and to restart with fresh new goals and aspirations. Goal setting is a very important part of my new year beginnings, and it's a great way to get yourself excited for the new year and all of the possibilities it might bring you. But with all of these new goals to tackle and bring to fruition, how are you to stay focussed and keep your energy up (without having to drink a couple extra cups of coffee per day!)?

My solution is music!

I love a great playlist, and what better way to feel energized and alive than with some great music to keep you motivated and going strong until your work day is over. I recently made a new playlist for the studio to keep Micaela and I working at full speed, and here are some of my favourites.

Love Led Zepplin. That's it.

I could easily make a Beck playlist and dedicate a blog post or 4 to why and how much
I love his music. Too many to list. I think he is so incredibly talented and I love all of his
weirdness and creativity.

This brings me back to being a kid in the 80's and hearing this all of the time. A great
song, and what about the band's name?!

Great song! Super mellow and just plain awesome.

I am becoming a big fan of Sia. Her music is fantastic, and I like how she
portrays herself in person and tries to let her artistry and music do all of the talking.

Another band that I could go on and on about how many songs I love.
These guys are from Victoria, BC and their mellow tunes are exactly what I need in life
sometimes. You should definitely check them out if they come to town and buy their
songs on itunes if you can.

What are some of your favourite songs on rotation right now? I'd love to know! I love discovering new music. Let me know in the comments below.

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