3 Must Have Earring Styles For Fall 2015

{Guest blogger Micaela Armstrong}

Before I became immersed in the realm of jewelry, I was totally unaware of the many various styles that earrings come in. My two categories were 1.) Studs 2.) Everything Else. Are you in the same boat as I was? If so, read on and I'll introduce you to a couple more different styles - and some ideas of what you can wear with them!

1.) Studs: OK so you already know about studs, but they're on here because you always need at least one solid pair of stud earrings. My current favourites are the Cece Rainbow Moonstone studs. They're the perfect low-maintenance accessory and can add a touch of refinement to whatever you're wearing. Are you in your sweatpants? Throw on a pair of studs and you already have some semblance of put-togetherness. Easy! (I'm joking, of course. You should probably wear a cute jersey dress if you want to go for a flirty, feminine look.)

2.) Ear Crawlers: These are super trendy right now and are a great way to cover more area on your ear without the commitment of several more piercings. I wear our Anniston ear crawlers ALL of the time and they add such a cool, subtle touch to my outfits. They make me feel a little rebellious because they're nontraditional as far as earrings go. On that note, I would pair them with a stylish black lace top and some leggings.

3.) Threader Earrings: This style is a particularly interesting and unique way to wear an earring. A beautiful example of threader earrings would be our Margo Crystal Quartz threaders. I love that with the small teardrop pendant and the chain extending in the back, they look delicate and balanced. Keeping in mind a delicate and balanced appearance, I would pair our Margo threaders with a soft blouse and a pair of jeans.

Whether you want a simple, classic look or a more unique and glamorous one, there's an earring style to fit any outfit. The more you add to your collection, the more you can switch it up! 


Micaela Armstrong is Executive Assistant at Brooklyn Designs and a part-time student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

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