Behind the scenes for the past month I've been hard at work designing our new website and I'm so happy to say that it's finally live! 
We are ecstatic about how well it turned out and what a great experience it's been so far.
Not only do we have a new website design, but we have a new host as well. We are now on Shopify and we hope that you will really enjoy your shopping experience with us on this new platform.

Our new homepage!
We have our navigation at the top of the screen and as you scroll down you it will move along with you so that you don't have to scroll back to the top to make your selections. Click on Shop to view our collections and shop our products with ease.

As you scroll you will see links to shop our popular sections including all of our jewels seen on Tv!

Another great feature is that our blog is published directly on our site now! 
We'll still be sharing our posts here on blogger, but we hope you'll join us over on our site.
View our latest posts on our homepage......

.... or click on Blog in our navigation to be taken to our blog feed!

Our new collection pages are much easier to see with large product photos for you to browse.

 You can also quick view our products while still shopping our collection pages, or you can direct click the products to view their full pages.

We created our new site in hopes of an effortless shopping experience with us and we have lots of other great new features on our site that we know you're going to love! 
Let us know what you think of our new site via comments and social media :)

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