Music has always been a huge part of my life since day one.
It evokes feelings of joy, excitement, sadness and so much more!
Most imporantly, music motivates me and keeps me feeling creative and alive.

Put simply, I love music and can't imagine our world without it.
This is the start of a new blog series for us Brooklyn Designs ladies and we're super excited to share with you all of our favourites here!

I'm constantly on the lookout for new and exciting bands and songs to add to my playlist, and here are 5 of my favourites on repeat.

Can't get enough of this song! It's just plain fun. That's it, and I love it.

Another fun song that I really love. This band is pretty awesome. You should definitely check out their music library and download some for yourself if you haven't already.

I randomly found Son Little on iTunes and I love his whole sound and raspy voice.

I love how this song starts, all of the guitar riffs and drum beats throughout 
are awesome. Definitely check these guys out.

Another awesome song. Love the drum beats, guitar riffs and I want
 to dance in a fountain of Perisian Merlot too!

This is a taste of what's been playing in our studio lately. Look for more Brooklyn Beats posts with our favourite tunes. We also want to know what you're listening to! Leave us a comment with your favourite bands, songs or whatever you have on repeat lately too.

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