JEWELRY TIPS: How To Care For Your Jewelry

How do you care for your jewelry when you're not wearing it?
It's really easy and I'm going to show you how!

We all love new jewles don't we?! They're so shiny and sparkly and perfectly pretty. But, as time goes on your jewelry tends to darken and lose their luster. No one likes that. But, there is a really simple way to keep your jewelry looking brand new. The reasons why your jewelry darkens/tarnishes is because of oxygen (the air) and light. If you keep your jewelry out of the way of air and light, you will easily be able to keep your jewelry looking new.

The first step is to put your jewelry in air tight, sealable bags. When you purchase your jewelry from us, we always pack it in a small sealed bag that is perfect for you to store your jewelry in, and you can purchase these bags locally if you don't have any on hand. 

One main thing to remember is to always leave your necklace clasp outside of the bag like we've shown in this picture. This will prevent your chain from getting tangled. Yay, no more tangled, knotted chains!

The final step is to keep your jewelry in a box or container that is away from the light. You can also store your jewelry in one of our boxes that comes with your order! Keeping your jewelry away from the light and air with these simple tips will add new life and longevity to the pieces that you adore.

There you have it. Simple and easy ways to keep your jewelry looking amazing!

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