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My love hate relationship with hair elastics has been ongoing for decades. If I'm not breaking them (hazard of having very thick hair) I am forever losing them. They were always too tight to fit around my wrist which made them very easy to lose and never around when I needed them most. Don't even get me started on hair bands. My hair has always been too thick to wear a hair band, they would either slip forward or wouldn't fit properly on my head because there was too much hair. I have been on the look out for the perfect solution and I have finally found it. Enter our latest creations, colourful and cute hair ties & headbands! These are not only fashionable but very functional and work for every hair type.

We have lots of gorgeous colours and prints to choose from in every colour of the rainbow!

Shop online and follow us on instagram for all of the latest styles and sets.

You can find our hair ties & headbands in store at Wish On A Star, La Belle Vie, Sartorial Boutique and Front & Company. Our list of stores is growing and you can always shop online too! Our hair ties and headbands are soft and gentle on your hair, no more snagging and deep hair kinks anymore.

Don't worry about losing your hair ties because they look great as a bracelet. Just add it to
your favorite stack for an extra pop of colour!

Look for new packages coming to our website this week! We have lots of new print/colour combos and we are working on some custom patterns that will be exclusive to Brooklyn Designs.

Brooke xoxo

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