Style Series: Simple Layers

I have always been drawn to the simple things in life and I find more and more that this is also how I dress, simply. With that in mind, this is also the way I design. Brooklyn Designs is about offering easy to wear versatile pieces for your jewelry wardrobe. One of the best things about offering simple jewelry designs to you is that you can layer these pieces together however you like. Being able to wear 2 or 3 of your favorite necklaces together allows you to create your own unique look and celebrate your own style.

Photo via To Vogue Or Bust

One of my favorite bloggers is Vancouver based Alexandra Grant, aka To Vogue Or Bust. Alex loves to layer and is a real master at it. Whether it's clothing or jewelry, she always looks effortlessly chic.

Taking cues from fashion bloggers is a great way to add to your own personal style and they really help you translate what you read in fashion magazines into real life. We love how Alex took 3 of her Brooklyn Designs necklaces and layered them together to add personality to her basic wardrobe. Jewelry is the easiest way to add character to any outfit and layering adds versatility and uniqueness.

Do you love what Alex is wearing in this photo? You can find our Mason, Leandra and Jasper necklaces on our site and click the links for direct shopping. 

Brooke xoxo

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